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Natural food, sandals and tie-dyed T-shirts…

We started with a liking for sandals, tie-dyed T-shirts and a belief that food should only be grown as nature intended. Convinced that there must be people who think the same way, we set out to find them. Some people called us crazy but that didn’t stop us.

Today, lots of people share our beliefs and we continue to work with passionate people all over the world to produce some of the best organic food there is.

We’re not crazy – just unshakably committed!


Back in the early 1900s all food was organic. That’s until nasty chemicals started being used in farming…



6 friends dream of bringing natural organic food back to the London community. Out of hippy roots, good intentions and tons of passion, Community Foods was born.


The crazy hippy bunch at No.28 swap the squat in Kentish Town for desks and telephones. But you can tell from the sunglasses our hippy roots were never far away.


Community Foods mean business! We join the board of the Good Food Foundation, helping to promote organic farming to even greater lengths.



When we couldn’t find any organic figs in the 1980s, we started up an organic project for figs in Turkey. The same project still farms the wonderful sweet figs you eat today.


We’ve got a real soft spot for our apricots. Grown in Turkey on one of the first organic farming projects we got involved in, they have a lovely naturally dark colour, just as apricots should.



More people start to take Organic seriously – finally! Crazy Jack becomes the ‘face’ of our range of really tasty organic food, first launching in Sainsbury’s.


Crazy Jack takes British supermarkets by storm, launching in Asda and Morrisons, with several new looks along the way.

Food packaging for dried raisins, dried apricots and organic cane sugar


Our new packaging design hits the shelves! We think it’s our best makeover yet


We launch a new snack pack of Ready to Eat Soft Apricots – and encourage the nation to ‘pass it on’.

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