We source Organic Food from all over the world

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Canada – Home of our organic Cranberries

Our fabulous organic cranberries grow on low-lying vines in the unique, freshwater wetlands of Quebec.

A tree in the Amazon Rainforest where our brazil nuts are grown

The Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia – Home of our organic Brazil Nuts

Our organic brazil nuts grow on giant brazil nut trees before being gathered from the rainforest floor by local farmers. As well as having a uniquely sweet, rich taste you’ll love, these fabulous nuts provide a livelihood for remote Bolivian communities.

Palm tree fronds hiding our desiccated coconuts in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Home of our organic Desiccated Coconut

Our organic desiccated coconut is grown by small farming villages who share our passion for food grown the natural way. Grown on lush Sri Lankan trees, our coconut is wonderfully fragrant and creamy.

Farmers pick through the sultanas.

Turkey – Home of our organic Sun Dried Sultanas

Our juicy organic sultanas are produced from flourishing grape vines in Turkey, where farmers tend to the grapes by hand, laying them out over the plains to dry naturally in the hot sun. Turkey is also the home of our Traditional Dried Apricots, Soft Apricots, Chopped Apricots, Figs, Green Lentils & Red Lentils.

A farmer collects the figs before shaking off the soil

Turkey – Home of our organic Soft Figs

Our wonderfully sweet organic soft figs are grown slowly in the fresh mountain air of Turkey, on one of Crazy Jack’s first organic farming projects. With a sweet, nutty flavour you’ll find them hard to resist. Turkey is also the home of our Traditional Dried Apricots, Soft Apricots, Chopped Apricots, Sun Dried Sultanas, Green Lentils & Red Lentils.

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