Why we (always) want more Organic Seeds!

It’s the end of January and by now more and more people have told you to put down the chocolate, step away from the cake and any other sweet treats, and dare I say pick up a bag of fruit, nuts or seeds. Now, I’m sure some of you have been convinced and are already seeing the benefits of such advice but if not we’re on hand to show you why they’re a favourite at Crazy Jack HQ (and not just a healthier treat).

Eating organic seeds doesn’t have to be about being healthier (that’s just an added benefit). No, seeds make food more exciting. They can be used as toppings for salads and smoothie bowls, as a quick snack, in cooking and in baking. Our personal favourites to pass around the office are seeded biscuits (just don’t alert the aforementioned January sweet treat killers ?).

Pumpkin Seeds – great on top of Smoothies

What’s more there are different varieties to try. Pumpkin seeds are nutrient-rich and great for your health. Like nuts, they are a great source of protein and unsaturated fats, including omega-3. They contain a range of nutrients including iron, calcium, B vitamins and beta-carotene, which the body uses to convert in to vitamin A (BBC Good Food). In the office Chris uses them as toppings on smoothie bowls and as a snack to get him through the morning.

Sunflower Seeds – for Seeded Cookies

Or why not sunflower seeds? A source of protein. Our bodies need protein which enables many parts to function effectively and allows the building and repair of tissue (WebMD). Not just that, they provide a good source of dietary fibre, many B vitamins and vitamin E (Organic Facts). These are great in Paula’s tasty seeded cookies and also work well in a range of stir-fries and salads. You can find a range of tasty organic recipes in our recipe book.

Introducing our Sesame Seeds

The new office favourite, our recently launched sesame seeds are a favourite in freshly baked bread. Yummy! As well as being extremely tasty, they have the ability to help build strong bones and improve the health of the heart (Organic Facts). Not bad for such a tiny seed!

You can find them in Sainsbury’s. Stockists for our range of organic seeds and other products can be found here.

With all the versatility and health benefits they provide, you can see why we always want more organic seeds. We travel across the world working with passionate farmers who care about your seeds as much as we do.

Our customers are passionate people too and like keeping in touch. Juliet recently commented on our Facebook page “I didn’t know pumpkin seeds could be so good…”

Organic, food as it should be

Organic means they’ve been produced with fewer pesticides than non-organic seeds. The Soil Association explain “almost 300 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming, compared with just 20 permitted for organic farming”. What’s more these are derived from natural ingredients and can only be used under very restricted circumstances.

Show us your Seeds

We love seeing our customers recipes. Send us your favourite seed recipe to competition@crazyjack.co.uk for a chance to win a selection of Crazy Jack Organic goodies. The Crazy Jack team will pick their favourite at the end of the February. Good luck!












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