Think apricots are orange? Think again…

Did you know that apricots are naturally brown? Don’t worry if you didn’t, you’re not alone. Our survey* found that 76% of people in the UK thought that they were naturally orange or yellow. This is not surprising. Many companies achieve this colouring by using preservatives containing sulphur dioxide.

Not us!

Crazy Jack Organic Dried Apricots never contain preservatives. Their rich flavour comes from being dried naked beneath the sun in the Euphrates Valley. As their sugars caramelise they turn a deep, earthy brown, just as nature intended!

And it’s not just the lack of preservatives. Here are five other reasons why Crazy Jack Organic Dried Apricots are so good:

  • They have a low GI of 32 – that’s less than a banana! – meaning that they cause a gentler rise in blood sugar.
  • Ever dipped into your gym bag to find your apple missing? Chances are you found it again once you got home, hidden in some crack or crevice that you never expected it to roll into. Bagged apricots are flat enough to fit in a sleeve or pocket, and they won’t roll either!
  • Say goodbye to your kitchen scales! We handle the portion control for you. Each 40g snack pack contains 70 calories.
  • Allergic to nuts, wheat, or dairy? Never fear! Our snack packs are 100% fruit.
  • They’re a fabulous source of fibre, protein, and antioxidants.

* Survey of 200 respondents across the UK by England marketing conducted online between the 25th and 29th of January 2019.

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