Apricots, the benefits and why we love them!

Some time ago

It’s our 20th birthday and we’re loving apricots as much as when we first began exploring the world for the finest fruits, nuts and seeds.

During our search we found a gorgeous farm in a valley in Turkey, growing beautiful apricots dried under the sun. We were curious to know why they were a brown caramel colour and not orange like the dried apricots we found back home.

With a shared passion for food they explained how most apricots were dried using conventional methods. It was these methods and the sulphur dioxide used to preserve the crop that turned the apricots bright orange.

Their apricots were different! Farmed organically, the brownish caramelised tone was their natural colour. The lack of sulphur dioxide left us with a fruit unrecognisable to the one we were used to seeing. Little did we know how amazing they would taste too!

20 years on…

We’re still bringing back apricots dried under the hot sun in the Euphrates Valley from Turkey. And our customers are still enjoying our apricots too.

Emma comments on Facebook,Best apricots you can buy. Soft, tasty and the proper colour for a dried apricot”. Clementine enthuses “Your dried apricots are just incredible! Thanks!”

Benefits of Apricots

Other than tasting great, what benefits do apricots bring?

  • BBC Good Food explain, “dried fruits (such as apricots, raisins and mango) give a concentrated source of carbohydrate, making them a great energy booster”. Great for sports, they continue, “you’ll get a dose of fibre, potassium, vitamins and minerals”. Our new Crazy Jack Ready to Eat snack packs lend themselves to taking out on a run or a long bike ride.
  • 3 of our apricots provide us with 1 of our 5 a day. What’s more, a pack’s only 70kcal making them a tasty organic treat for on-the-go in addition to having with a variety of dishes and bakes (we have a 250g pack too). We’ve enjoyed using them as a BBQ treat over the summer with these tasty Halloumi, Apricot Kebabs. They’re great with Summer Couscous ????.
  • We don’t know about you, but we hate being hungry. Apricots contain only natural sugars, none of the nasty added ones! A natural fruit, high in iron, they are also high in fibre, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. To top it off, they are full of antioxidants too.

Available from Ocado and all good independent health food stores, it’s never been easier to enjoy apricots as they should be… brown, beautiful and delicious!


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