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We’re proud of all our products – and it’s always great when other people love them too. We were extremely pleased therefore that our ready to eat Soft Apricots were named ‘best dried fruit’ in the Best Gym Bag Snack category, at the Healthy Food Guide’s Best of Health Awards.

The Gym Bag Snack category was seeking out the perfect pre or post work out snack, and our Soft Apricots met the criteria perfectly. They contain easily digestible carbohydrate and the natural sugars provide an energy boost.  In addition, the sugars are great for post exercise when the body can absorb carbohydrates at a faster rate in the 30 minute post exercise window ‘the anabolic window’, promoting recovery.

With only naturally occurring sugars, each bag contains just 70 calories – fitting well within Government guidelines to eat low calorie snacks.

Healthy Food Guide believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings long-term gains – and we couldn’t agree more. This is the sixth annual Best of Health Awards and you can find out about all the winners, from the best breakfasts, to the best gluten free products here.

Carrying on with the theme of good news… a new look snack pack will be hitting the shelves soon – we will say no more for now but stay tuned …



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