Crazy Jack Launches Ready to Eat Apricot Snack Packs

Nearly two thirds of us snack on a daily basis* but it doesn’t mean our good intentions to eat healthily need go out of the window. Luckily Crazy Jack, has come to the rescue with our new snack sized packs of dried, soft, ready-to-eat apricots.

Produced just as nature intended, Crazy Jack Soft Apricots are a rich brown colour rather than the more usual orange. This is because they are dried in the traditional way under the hot sun without sulphur dioxide, the chemical used as a preservative, which turns dried apricots orange rather than the brown they should be in their wholesome, organic state. Full of natural flavour, Crazy Jack Apricots taste quite different to their orange counterparts too!

There’s more good news. With six apricots per pack, the 40g bag contains two of your five a day and, at just 70kcal, fits well within Government guidelines to eat low calorie snacks. A natural source of both fibre and iron, our apricots’ fibre content will keep you fuller for longer and provide energy in between meals. They are also a good source of antioxidants, particularly carotenoids, which offer protective benefits for your health and immune system.

Containing naturally occurring sugars and with no added sugar, the apricots have a low GI rating of 32 meaning they provide a gentler rise to blood sugar and a more sustained source of energy. The natural sugars and lower GI make Crazy Jack Apricots a good solution to sugar and sweet cravings.

Perfect for eating at your desk, on the move, before or after exercise or even at home when you’re chilling in front of the TV, Crazy Jack Apricots are available from Ocado,  supermarket chains and health stores. A 40g pack costs approximately 59p. Suitable for Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan diets, the apricots contain no artificial additives.

*Harris International / The Grocer survey of 2,042 adults January 2015.

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