Five reasons we love Organic Mango!

At Crazy Jack we love snacking, especially on mango! Some of us more than others… the office supply is often kept hidden and locked away from Paula, our resident mango muncher.

Here are five reasons we love the orange stuff so much:

  • There’s no sulphur dioxide used to farm our mango. This ensures it is left to grow as nature intended (something we’re very passionate about!) Farmers then carefully dry the mango fruit, without adding any sugar. Not all mango is made this way, making it the perfect sweet treat!
  • It’s tropical, adding variety and colour to our snacking. We find this a great way to make it through the day, especially if the day’s a little less colourful.
  • A high level of vitamin A can be found in mango. This plays an important role in cell growth, healthy vision and a robust immune system*
  • It works well as part of a mix. We love combining it with our other fruits to make an exciting afternoon treat.
  • Most importantly, have you tasted it? It’s addictive! We’d almost advise you not to but then we feel you’d be missing out. Life without mango just doesn’t seem fun at all.

Crazy Jack Organic Dried Mango is brand new to the range and can be found in-store at Sainsbury’s. Let us know what you think of it on our Facebook page @crazyjackorganic. We’d love to hear from you.



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