Five reasons to go organic

We’re crazy about organic, and we know you are too, but should you need any more persuasion to choose organic foods, then here’s five very good reasons…

  • Organic produce has no artificial colours or preservatives, which is why our dried apricots are brown as they are grown as nature intended without the addition of sulphur dioxide


  • It’s food you can trust – organic produce is certified by the Soil Association which is a guarantee of food quality


  • Almost 300 pesticides can be used in non-organic farming, whereas only 20 derived from natural ingredients are used in organic farming


  • No other system of farming is more bee friendly and benefits the soil and water too


  • Yes it can be more expense, but maybe not as much as you think!

So whether you’re a regular buyer of organic produce, buy the occasional organic product or are thinking about making the switch, there lots of reasons why making the simple swap to organic not only benefits your health, it benefits the environment and animal welfare too.

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