Natural and Organic Food – What’s the difference?

“Yummy… and it’s natural :-)”, “Yummy… and it’s organic :-)”

Thoughts many of us have whilst making it through the day, staving off hunger with a healthier treat. Supermarket shelves are becoming lined with natural and organic foods. But what’s the difference between one and the other?


Looking at the official definition in the Oxford dictionary natural means “existing in or derived from nature; not made or caused by humankind.” (

The Food Standards Agency explains this further, providing us with the following definition: “Natural means essentially that the product is comprised of natural ingredients, e.g. ingredients produced by nature, not the work of man or interfered with by man”. They explain further that anything Natural must also be GM (Genetically Modified) Free. (


The Soil Association, who award Organic Certification explain what organic means:

• Organic farming doesn’t allow any synthetic pesticides and absolutely no herbicides. Farmers are permitted to use just 15 pesticides derived from natural ingredients, but only under very restricted circumstances.
• No artificial colours and preservatives are used.
• The highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.
• There is no routine use of antibiotics on animals.
• All organic products are GM Free (

Still Confused?

You could be forgiven for thinking both are similar. So, breaking this down, natural foods are derived from nature and are all GM Free.

Organic foods are also derived from nature and are all GM Free. However, unlike natural foods they are regulated by an industry standard and contain lower levels of pesticides versus natural foods.

The Soil Association explains “Many people don’t realise that over 320 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming and these are often present in the non-organic food we eat. Research suggests that if all UK farming was organic, pesticide use would drop by 98%”. ( Farms would then become an even bigger haven for wildlife.

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