Three reasons we love sesame seeds

Here at Crazy Jack we like to think all our organic products are amazing (because they are), but our sesame seeds are ‘ex-seed-ingly’ good (do you like what we did there?). These tiny, oil-rich, mildly nutty flavoured seeds, can be enjoyed all year round and have quite a few impressive health benefits too!

Take a look below at our top 3 reasons why we love sesame seeds and why these tasty tiny seeds should feature on your next food shop:

  • They’re nutritious. Sesame seeds pack a powerful health punch, containing high levels of essential fatty acids, plus protein, iron, B vitamins, minerals, fibre and much more


  • They’re good for hair and skin. Like nuts, sesame seeds are oil-rich – in fact, sesame has one of the highest oil contents of any seed, which is why sesame seeds are believed to help skin and hair care. Back in Ancient Babylon, sesame seeds were regularly used to help prolong beauty!


  • They’re versatile and can make food even more exciting. Whether you reach for some sesame seeds to top some freshly baked bread or rolls, boost your nutritional intake in a smoothie or want to add an extra crunch to your salads, this seed is extremely easy to include in your diet. Not bad for such a tiny seed!

Our tasty sesame seeds are part of our organic baking range and can be found in Sainsbury’s and on Ocado.

FUN FACT: Sesame seeds are harvested from the pods of a flowering plant, sesamum indicum, which burst open (a bit like a firework) when the small sesame seeds reach maturity. The harvesting process often needs to be done by hand before the sesame seeds are fully mature.




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