We’re going Snack To Basics

We’re going #SnackToBasics

It’s accurate to say we all love to snack with 66% of us snacking at least once a day studies say, and it feels like now, more than ever, we’re constantly grazing. This means it’s super important to make sure we’re snacking sensibly!

Our brand-new snacking range is completely organic and guaranteed to fill a space when you get the urge to graze on something in between meals, plus they’re low calorie too!

Produced as nature intended, there are five handy snack packs including Soft, Ready to eat Dried Apricots, Raisins, Mixed Almonds, Cashews and Dried Mango – all perfect for enjoying around the house, on a walk or even sat in front of the TV watching your favourite show.

It’s not just adults that will love them, they’re great for kids too! Our 100% natural organic dried fruit snack packs will keep little ones topped up throughout the day, with the reassurance they’re getting a good source of fibre and antioxidants with no artificial preservatives and flavours included.


Keep your eyes peeled as we’ve also recently launched three bigger pouches filled with Mixed Nuts, Mixed Almonds and a Fruit and Nut Mix for those of us who prefer to share our snacks. Share? Snacks? We know, it’s hard to believe this is an option sometimes when they’re so delicious…

Find the brand-new snacking range in the ‘wellness’ aisles of Sainsburys, as well as the sharing pouches and multi-pack dried apricots online from Ocado.

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