What is Organic and why is it good?

When defining what organic is and the reasons to love it, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Natural fertilisers, health, the environment, wildlife and great tasting food; the benefits are many. Here’s why we at Crazy Jack love organic:

It works with the environment
In non-organic farming, manufactured and mined fertilisers and pesticides are used to grow our food. Organic farming works with the environment, using natural fertilisers from plants.

It cares for the planet

Organic farming doesn’t use synthetic or petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers, so our land can continue to flourish.

It protects our wildlife

Pollination mainly by bees, provides one third of the food we consume on a daily basis*. Organic farming avoids the use of nasty pesticides that have played a key part in the decline of honeybees.

And it tastes great!

Organic farmers develop healthy, fertile soil to ensure our Crazy Jack range is full of flavour. Our customers are particularly fond of our Organic Ready To Eat Apricots!

You’ll find plenty more information about organic throughout our website and also at:



*Sustain – The alliance for better food and farming https://www.sustainweb.org/foodfacts/bees_are_important/ (2017)

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