3 reasons we love hazelnuts

As you know by now, we’re simply nuts for nuts! And our organic whole blanched hazelnuts are no exception!

You may already be familiar with our organic hazelnuts, but if not, the ones you’ll find in the Crazy Jack range are blanched, meaning they’ve had their skins removed. This is particularly important for all you keen bakers out there as blanching hazelnuts allows for a smoother creamier taste in baking – that’s if you don’t get tempted to eat them straight from the bag first!

Here’s three more reasons why we love our organic whole blanched hazelnuts:

  • Good for your health. Hazelnuts are packed with healthy fats and protein, vitamins and minerals, so not only do they taste great, but they are a healthy addition to your diet too. Research also suggests that hazelnuts regulate blood pressure, boost heart health and boost immunity too.


  • 100% natural. Our organic whole blanched hazelnuts are 100% natural and grown without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides. So when buying Crazy Jack, you know you’re buying the best!


  • Great for cake and bakes. The smoother creamier taste of our organic whole blanched hazelnuts means they make a delicious addition to so many of your baking favourites. Why not try them in this tasty Apricot Panforte or give this Coconut & Apricot Eton Mess Roulade a nutty boost by adding chopped hazelnuts into the roulade mix. Whatever you decide, we’d love to see your creations so don’t forget to tag us in on social @CrazyJackOrganic

As well as in the baking aisle, you’ll also find our organic hazelnuts included as part of our Mixed Nuts and Fruit & Nut mixes in our Snack and Share range.


FUN FACT: The hazelnut is the fruit of the hazel, which was once regarded as a magical tree and in parts of England nuts were carried as charms!





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