Three reasons we love raisins

Sweet, succulent and full of flavour…that’s how we like to describe our organic raisins! These fruity dried grapes, dried naturally for around three weeks, are perfect for snacking, baking or as a topping.

No artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings are added to our organic raisins so when buying Crazy Jack, you know you’re buying the best!

Here’s three more reasons why we love these tasty dried fruits plus some yummy ideas for ways to use them:

  • They’re good for you. Raisins are packed full of nutrients including iron, fibre and potassium and B vitamins, making them not only tasty but great for your health too. Raisins are also thought to lower the risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.


  • Great for eating on the go. Our organic raisins make the perfect snack especially when you’re on the go! Available in handy 40g snack bags and soon to be available in 14g snack boxes from Sainsbury’s (stay tuned!), our raisins can be easily put in your bag or lunchbox for a healthy snack.


  • They add a fruity twist to bakes. Whilst great on their own, our organic raisins are also a delicious addition to some tasty bakes. Mix into your biscotti batter in these Cranberry & Raisin Biscotti for a fruity sweet treat or try our Honey and Fruit Roasted Granola to get 1 of your 5 a day first thing in the morning.

Our range of organic raisins includes 40g snack packs, as well as larger bags of sun-dried raisins, which are ideal for baking.

Why not give one of our raisin products a go and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.



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