We’re loving Organic September!

It’s Organic September and here at Crazy Jack we’ve been having a lot of fun!

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Win a family ticket for Go! Organic

We’re committed to organic and have been since we first discovered delicious brown apricots on a picturesque farm in Turkey twenty years ago.

That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of September’s GO! Organic Festival – and you could be joining us there.

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Crazy Jack are at GO! Organic Festival

With more and more people choosing organic food, Crazy Jack are proud to be at the inaugural Go Organic Festival at Battersea Park on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September.


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Apricots, the benefits and why we love them!

It’s our 20th birthday and we’re loving apricots as much as when we first began exploring the world for the finest fruits, nuts and seeds.

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Recipe Time! Apricot Hot Cross Buns

Celebrate Easter by baking a batch of hot cross buns with a twist to share with family and friends.

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Why we (always) want more Organic Seeds!

It’s the end of January and by now more and more people have told you to put down the chocolate, step away from the cake and any other sweet treats, and dare I say pick up a bag of fruit, nuts or seeds.

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What are Raisins good for?

The humble raisin, a simple fruit with delicious flavours lends itself as a snacking, baking or topping ingredient. But what else are raisins good for?

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What does Organic mean?

The truth is, despite the number of organic products lining our shelves in the supermarket, there simply isn’t enough information for consumers to understand fully what they’re purchasing when they buy an organic product. Luckily we’re on hand to help.

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From Field to Fork

At Crazy Jack we like to know the journey our food and drink have taken before we tuck in. We ensure our entire range can be traced from field to fork, sourcing only the best quality products.

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A Cranberry Growers Story

In this growers story, we dive deep in to the wetlands of Quebec to show you how our cranberries are cared for and nurtured by mother nature, before they reach your beautiful bakes…

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Five reasons we love Organic Mango!

At Crazy Jack we love snacking, especially on mango! Here are five reasons we love the orange stuff so much.

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Free Food Alert - Organic September Saturday!

Across the country on the 16th September, independent health food stores and retailers will be taking part in Organic September Saturday.

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Natural and Organic Food – What’s the difference?

Supermarket shelves are becoming lined with natural and organic foods. But what’s the difference between one and the other?



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Five reasons we love Nuts!

At Crazy Jack we’re passionate about our nuts! A tasty treat, they come in different varieties; Almonds, Brazils, Cashews, all perfect for snacking on the go, cooking, or baking with.

Here are five reasons you’ll love nuts as much as we do.

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Wake Up To Organic

Next Wednesday consumers in over 220 local health food stores across the country will be waking up to yummy organic breakfasts.

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What is Organic and why is it good?

When defining what organic is and the reasons to love it, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Natural fertilisers, health, the environment, wildlife and great tasting food; the benefits are many. Here’s why we at Crazy Jack love organic.

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